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Things to Consider when Buying a Dog and owner matching Apparel

As cute as it might be to dress up your pup in matching clothes with you, there are some serious things to consider before you go shopping. Here are some tips when buying dog and owner matching apparel:

1. The size of your dog

Not all breeds can be found in one size only, so if the dog is still growing, it’s useless to buy a matching outfit in which you and your dog will feel uncomfortable.

2. The size of the clothes

Again, not all clothes are easily found in one size only if they look the same on the photo from the website from which you’re buying them. It is always recommended to have a measuring tape near you when shopping for clothes because these are most of the time handmade and therefore might vary in size.

3. Your dog’s temperament

If your dog is very active, it is advisable to stay away from clothes that have buttons or are too tight because these can easily get caught on something when you’re out walking with your dog. Perhaps you could go for a dog shirts for women instead.

4. Weather conditions

If it’s raining cats and dogs outside, you might think twice before taking your dog out for a walk in matching clothes. At the same time, if the weather is hot and sunny, you might want to wear something light so you can stay cool. Make sure your dog is equally well dressed for the weather.

5. Functionality

You might be tempted to buy matching clothes because you’ll feel like one big family, but think about whether the clothes act useful in everyday life or not. It isn’t very functional to dress up your dog in a T-shirt with your face on it if he/she is uncomfortable in it. Also, consider whether the clothes can withstand all weather conditions.

Having a pet is a rewarding experience. There are many types of pets that you can have, but one of the most popular is a dog. Whether it’s for companionship or helping with security, dogs are always an excellent choice. You will need to get them some things such as food and water bowls along with a leash and collar if they go outside on walks.

Dog apparel may not be something you initially think about when you first get your dog. However, as time goes on and your dog becomes dearer to you, you might want accessories that show how much they mean to you. Dog clothes can range from sweaters to t-shirts with slogans, but there are some things that you should consider before buying a surf dog womens shirt.

Type of material

First, you need to consider the type of material that makes up the clothes for your dog. The main types of materials are cotton, fleece, nylon, and polyester is the most common. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, which you will have to take into consideration when deciding what kind you want for your dog. For example, cotton is very breathable and comfortable for dogs to wear, but it can often be too heavy when the weather gets cold. Fleece works well in coats because of its water-resistant properties but will not be able to keep your pet warm during wintertime unless layered with another material. The most important things are durability and comfort.

Size of clothing

Second, you need to consider the size of the clothes you want for your dog. A good rule of thumb is to measure your dog from the base of his neck to the base of his tail and add 2 inches. That way, when in doubt between two sizes, choose the larger one. Additionally, if you think your dog will grow, don’t buy clothes that come in one size only.

How much does it cost?

Last but definitely not least, you need to consider how much the item costs. The price of your dog’s clothes should not exceed 3% of your monthly budget for him. This should keep you from spending too much on clothing and other accessories that may not be as important as food and veterinary bills.

When to buy clothes for your dog

Dog clothes are also a matter of preference, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to get your dog something if he or she clearly doesn’t want it. Do not buy clothes for your dog unless they seem interested in wearing them. It’s not like you are forcing clothing on your baby, but rather it is an item they can choose to wear or not. 

Sometimes, dogs will enjoy wearing clothes for a reason unknown to their owners, and other times, they simply do not want anything to do with them. If this happens, never force your dog into something he or she doesn’t want; they will resent you for that later. If your dog shows interest in something, however, go ahead and buy them some clothes to show how much you love him or her.

Where can you find the best dog apparel?

Finding a good source to find dog clothes is not difficult because there are many out there. However, you should always look for quality and affordability in your purchases, so try finding a good deal before even looking at the items themselves. Additionally, if possible, go for something that has been recommended by other dog owners or has been tried and tested to work by professionals. This way, you can be sure that you are obtaining a product that is both of good quality and safe to use on your dog.

There are many online stores with great deals for dog clothing, but a womens christmas dog shirt is one of the most affordable sites around right now. They offer apparel items for every occasion so you can find exactly what you need for your dog. Whether it is a good winter coat, good summer shorts, or just a cute piece of clothing that adds some color to your dog’s life, they have something for everyone and every taste. Make sure to visit the site today and see what these amazing outfits have in store for your best friend!


As a final note, remember that clothing for dogs is a matter of preference, and sometimes they will refuse to wear what you give them. On the other hand, they may ask for it themselves. This makes it important that you consider all these factors when looking for new dog clothes and that whatever you choose is the best option based on your budget and what your dog prefers. Your pet’s health and happiness are what matters most in this world, so always look to provide them with the best of everything.

How to Leash Train your Dog

Leash training your dog is the best way to ensure safety for both you and your pet. That is why your dog should be leashed at all times when outside, even if they have been trained not to run off because it’s much safer than letting them roam free. Leashing also prevents aggression towards other dogs or people by giving them space instead of forcing an interaction with someone who might be unfriendly or scared.

But training a dog to leash can be a challenging endeavor. There are many different methods that you can try, and it’s essential to find the one that is best for your dog and lifestyle. You may want to try our tips on how to leash train your pup! 

Buy the right dog leash and collar

The type of leash you use will depend on your dog’s size and level of training. If you have a smaller pup, it is best to start with a retractable leash that snaps back when they pull against it, so they do not get hurt or tangled. For larger dogs, try using the traditional type of metal or nylon leashes that are longer and attached to the harness.

Only the best dog gear shops in California can offer you the best quality and price for a leash and a collar. A dog aparell shop in Ca that we know offers not only the right leash for every breed of dog. They also sell high-quality dog tanks and bandanas and even dog-themed tanks, shirts, and hoodies for humans. Their dog themed mesh caps and towels are worth checking too.

Having the right dog gear for a certain type of dog is not usually paid attention to by many dog owners, but it is a crucial part of training and safety. If you are looking for a heavy duty dog leash in California, it is better to contact some of your dog lover friends to ask for some advice.

Start training your dog from a young age

The best time to start a dog training regimen is as soon as you bring them home. This will make the process much easier and ensure that it sticks.

It is important that the pup learns how to walk on a harness or collar and leash from an early age, so they do not have any bad habits later in life. So start leash training your dog as soon as you can, but if it doesn’t happen right away, don’t worry! You may need to take a different approach.

Create a routine

It is also important that most dogs learn through repetition. This means that you need to create a routine of going for walks at specific times every day, and sticking with it until they are trained. It would help if you also kept these routines consistent in other places like their local park or wherever else they may be outside. Keep up with training and be patient.

Training a dog to walk on a leash is not something that will happen overnight. It may take some time for your pup to get used to the idea, but do not give up! Instead, keep at it day after day until they are fully trained: there’s no better feeling than having an obedient pet!

Use treats and toys to encourage good behaviors.

When first introducing your dog to a durable dog leash, start by encouraging them with treats while still on their regular walking path (around your yard or in your neighborhood). This will let them get used to the feeling of being leashed and on a new path without any negative consequences.

After they have learned how it feels to be in this situation, start taking them places with more distractions. Encourage them to walk with you by using treats or toys and gradually increasing the distance.

Stop your dog from pulling.

One of the most common problems that owners have is their dog pulling on the lead. This can be very uncomfortable as well as dangerous because it’s much easier for dogs, especially large ones, to pull you when they are not leashed.

One way that many dog trainers have recommended is a “no reward” method where the dog gets nothing (not even attention) for pulling on the leash and instead receives rewards for walking calmly next to its owner.

Never use physical force or punishment to train your pet.

Even when you are frustrated, try to keep in mind that when training your dog, using physical force or punishment should not be an option. Instead of teaching them to obey, it is more likely to lead them to fear, and you don’t want a dog that only obeys out of fear!

Be patient with your pup.

Lastly, remember that patience is key. If you are having difficulty training your pup, it’s not a lost cause. Consider changing the approach that you’re currently taking, such as using a different leash or harness style, dog leash for sale, and see if this helps at all. The important thing is to understand how they learn best, so they can be adequately trained!

It will take time for your pup to learn how to walk on a leash, and it may require more than one method, but in the end, you will have an obedient dog who’s safer when outside!

How to Choose the Best Clothes for your Dog

Choosing the Best Clothes for your Dog

Choosing the best clothes for your dog can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, including size and breed of your dog, age, climate, lifestyle choices, such as whether you have an active or more sedentary pooch. This post will guide you through how to choose the perfect outfit for your furry friend. And for more information you can check also california canine, they have the best product for your Dog gear, clothing, and accessories.

Size matters

You’ll want to take into account the weight and height of your dog when picking out clothing for them. Suppose you have a small dog like a Yorkie or Chihuahua. In that case, clothes are much easier to come by because they’re in petite sizes. However, for larger breeds of dogs like Newfoundlands, Great Danes, or Saint Bernards, clothes are harder to find because the sizes for these giant breeds are limited.

Consider the Climate of your place

Different climates require different clothing options. In warmer climates, you might want to dress your dog in lightweight clothing made from natural fibers like cotton or linen. On the other hand, a coat with insulation for the cold is needed for dogs who spend lots of time outdoors in colder areas.

The activity level of your canine companion will also determine what type of clothes they need and if there should be any modifications to their current wardrobe. For example, a dog who is mostly active outdoors during the day would need more protection from the sun and rain than one who spends all of his time on furniture indoors.

Doggie clothes can affect your dog in different ways, so you must really be careful when looking for the right one.

Research the best material for your climate and

No matter what type of clothes you ultimately choose, ensuring that the material used is safe for animals is essential. Some materials can be irritating, like wool and clingy fabrics like polyester. In contrast, others are much more comfortable such as cotton or leather. It also depends on if 

your dog has any allergies or is sensitive to certain materials.

Pick clothes that are easy to put on and take off –

This is especially important if you have a dog with difficulty with its joints, like Labradors or older dogs. Also, remember that the first time a dog wears clothes will help determine their comfort level with the experience. If they get traumatized the first time you put them on clothes, they will be less likely to wear them again.

If you are always in a hurry, a dog bandana is the best choice for you. It is easy to put on and off. You can take it just anywhere and can match any style too.

Consider how much time you will spend outside 

If you are outdoors a lot with your dog, it would be wise to invest in clothes that protect them from the sun and rain. A coat could do this or even an umbrella on a rainy day! If your pup likes to be outdoors most of the time, consider dressing them in clothes that are more durable and water-resistant. This will ensure they have a longer life span and can withstand outdoor elements better than other fabrics.

For dogs who spend all their time indoors, like toy breeds or senior pooches, clothing is not necessary but is a great way to keep them warm in cold weather.

Comfort is the key

The most important thing to consider when choosing clothes for your dog is whether or not they are comfortable with what you pick. If a particular item of clothing causes any kind of irritation on their skin, paws, eyes, or ears, then it’s best never to buy that type again.

It also helps if the article of clothing has an opening in the back. This will allow them to relieve themselves without taking off their clothes first, which can be a hassle and frustrating for both you and the dog.

Be mindful of your dog’s age, size, activity level

When choosing what clothes are best suited for them, you’ll want to find something that is comfortable and matches their lifestyle needs.

Be mindful of the activities in which your canine companion engages so you can find items appropriately suited to their needs.

Personalize your pup’s style

Clothes shouldn’t be just practical but also stylish! You want a fashionable dog that looks good and feels great, too, right? With all of the options available, it should be easy enough for you to find clothes that will make them feel like the best-dressed dog in town.

Don’t forget accessories!

A new collar, leash, or harness can be a great way to accessorize your dog’s wardrobe. Not only stylish, but it’s also practical too! Leashes and collars are beneficial additions to any outfit for a dog.

It’s important to know that the type of clothes you choose will affect your pup, from their emotional state and level of comfort to how they behave and ultimately what kind of fashionista they are!

Look for the right Dog Clothing Shop

There are plenty of options when trying to find the right store for you and your dog. But very few can provide what you truly need in the best quality and at the right price. That is why we recommend the best dog apparel shop in California.

Dogs are the most loyal companions and deserve to be treated as such with genuine love and attention. The best Dog Clothing will not only make them look good but feel great too.

Common Dog Parenting Mistakes every New Dog Owner should avoid

Having a dog can open a Chapter in your Life!

It is a fun and exciting experience, yes, but being too carried away in the initial thrill of the moment can get you into trouble in the long run. To avoid that, here are the common mistakes new owners should avoid.

From California dog owners, here are some things a new pet owner shouldn’t do:

Using a quality collars, leashes, and bandanas

Your dog may be friendly and sociable, but other dogs or people might not appreciate it. If you are out for a walk with your dog and they start greeting other dogs or people, be sure to keep hold of their leash. Dogs are basically territorial beings, and as such, they often are not going to like it when another dog or person is invading their territory.

A lot of people fall into this trap when they get their first puppy, but it is important that you train and socialize your pet from an early age, so they know how to behave outside of their territory. This means teaching them commands like “sit” and “stay” when they are in the house and “come” or “drop it” when you see them picking up something on the ground.

Even if you think your dog is not the aggressive type, it is better just to keep them at a distance. For larger breeds, be sure to buy heavy-duty dog collars, a dog surfing bandana, and a dog leash from a trusted dog clothing shop in CA.

Feeding your dog from the table

It can be tempting to share your food with Fido, but as soon as you do that, the dog will think of it as his dish and refuse any other meal. It may take some time for them to get used to natural kibble, so make sure they are fed regularly before you start sharing their meals.

Feeding them from the table can also cause several other issues. You should not share any food that is served at an elevated surface, and as such, your dog’s dish must be on ground level too. This will help avoid choking or eating inappropriate items like bones or some types of vegetables that are unsafe for dogs.

Not getting enough exercise for your pup

Pups needed exercise. They need to get out and play, but many dog owners don’t want their pup running up the street or barking at everything it sees.

It is important that you take your dog for walks as often as possible, every day if possible. If not, make sure you set aside some time for them to play in the yard.

In addition, you should make sure that their food is not too rich or fatty because they need a lot of exercises and can easily gain weight if left alone with an unbalanced diet.

Exercise can also keep your dog’s aggression in check, which is a problem that many dog owners face. If you can’t set a time to take your dog on a regular walk, it might be good to rethink about having one.

Buying bad quality dog clothing

Dog clothes are truly fun additions for taking care of your dog. However, putting just any clothes you can find in online shops can put your dog at risk. There are many cheap clothing stores online, but they often sell clothes of low quality.

These clothes do not last for a long time and can easily get stained by your dog’s hair or dirty paws. They also might cause the dogs to itch because of how rough the fabric is on their skin. And if you have any allergic reactions when wearing it.

For high-quality dog clothing, you should visit certified dog clothing in California. They offer not only dog apparel buttons of doggie merchandise from dog tanks, dog bandana, leashes, and collars, and even dog-themed clothing for men and women.

Letting your dog sleep in bed with you

Some people seem to think that there is nothing wrong with letting their dog sleep in the bed with them. They consider it a bonding experience, but what they don’t know is that this can actually be harmful to both of you! Dogs need to learn how to sleep on their own and if you let them do it at night, your new pet will never be able to sleep on their own again!

Dogs need to learn how to fall asleep and wake up by themselves, so it is better if you teach them this from an early age. It may take a while for your pup to get used to the idea of sleeping without company in bed but eventually, they will adjust.

Allowing your dog to roam freely around the house

This is a big no-no. These animals are energetic, and they need to be entertained, but if you don’t have time for that, then it might be best not to get a dog in the first place!

You might think that letting your dog roam the house freely will make him happy, but this can lead to accidents and a lot of destruction. It is best to have them on a dog leash or in their designated area when you are not around. If they need any exercise, make sure that it’s for short periods so they won’t get restless too quickly.

Giving your dog a bath too often

This is another big mistake that some dog owners make. Dogs don’t need to be washed every day unless they’ve been running around outside and are covered in mud or dirt. It might actually harm them if you wash them too often because the natural oils from their skin will get stripped away, leading to a dry coat of fur.

Forgetting about the importance of obedience training

Dogs can be difficult to train, but as long as you are patient and consistent, you can do it.

It is a good idea to start training your pup as soon as they come home so that the habits are formed from an early age. This will also help them learn how to behave in public because if you don’t train them when they’re young, then things might get out of hand when they are older.

Having a dog as a pet is absolutely fun and rewarding, but it is important that you do your research and know what mistakes not to make. It will help you and your dog in many ways and can make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Essential Dog Gears you Must have

There are many essential dog gears you must have. You can find these gears in any pet store. However, there are some things that you might not be able to find in the store and need to make yourself or buy online from other sources.

Finding a pet gear shop that offers it all is a gem, but before sharing with you these great dog items, every dog lover must buy, let us give you a short walkthrough of these products.

Dog Tanks

Number one on our list is dog tanks. Dogs that have been in the hot summer sun need to be cooled off. Dog tanks are specially made for dogs with water-resistant material, and they work great as a cooling device to keep your dog cool. They can come in different colors and designs, but you must be sure to purchase only the top-quality items, meaning products superior and fabric quality and design.

Do not sacrifice your dog’s comfort by buying a cheaper one when both can come in a single package.

Dog Harnesses

Number two is the dog harnesses. Dogs usually pull on their leash when going out of sight or if they see another dog. It is a hard task for the owner to control them, and that’s where harnesses come in handy. This product has many different designs, but it must be made from high-quality material with wide straps for maximum comfort on your pet’s neck region and other essential parts of their body. Finding the right harness for your dog could be challenging, but with the help of the internet, you can find all the information of a harness that will suit your dog’s needs.
Size and material should be the main qualifications to look for when buying a dog harness.

Dog Leash

We all know what a dog leash is and does. However, not every leash is the same. You must have different types of leashes for your needs, whether it be walking or training. There are many sizes to choose from, but you should also look at how well constructed the materials in it and its durability before deciding on which one you will buy.

The type of leash that you should also depend on the breed of dog that you have. For larger breeds, you will need a leash that is not too wide but rather long so they can feel more comfortable. You should get a lightweight leash that is not too long or wide for smaller breeds but rather short.

Dog Collar

There’s no good leash with a bad collar. So you must look for the right one. Unfortunately, only a few shops can offer a sturdy and stylish collar like a surf dog collar, so you will need to find a pet gear shop that offers these in different designs. With the right dog collar, you can also keep your dog in check easier.

Also, having the right dog collar can keep your daily walks with your pet worry and hassle-free. It is one thing to that will add a confidence boost in your daily routine.

Dog bandana

Sometimes the most effective way to keep your dog cool is to cover its head. Dog bandanas are a great tool because they come in different colors and patterns. You can find one that will look stylish on your pet. They also come in different sizes, but you can find some that fit most sizes.

Dog themed shirts and tank tops

This one is for the owners. dog themed t-shirts and tank tops are not just a piece of clothing to walk your dog or go out in public; it’s also an accessory that you can wear proudly because it shows how much you love dogs.

This item is a hot trend today, and you can find them at pet stores or even online. They can come in different exciting designs that allow every pet owner to express how they feel about their pets.


Dog themed hoodies

You might think that dog-themed designs can only be done on a shirt. But yes, you read it right. They can also be done in hoodies! Not to mention the mesh caps and beach towels that are dog-themed too!

Now there is no limit to the fun! You can express your love for dogs in any way you like!

So where can you find them?
Only a few dog clothing stores in California can offer great products at fair prices, but we’ve found one for you. If you are interested in spicing up your doggie journey, you can purchase these items online and with hassle-free delivery too!

Dogs are really lovable creatures, and it is a great gift to have them around. So it won’t hurt if, through these little presents, you try to show the world how much you appreciate the companionship of your pet and how much you love them.

Small Dog Collars And Clothing

Important Small Dog Collar Facts

Dog Collar Styles

Small dog collars come in the widest choices of styles than those collars for dogs of other sizes. You get …

  • Rhinestone collars, velveteen collars, nylon collars, leather collars
  • Training collars, charm collars, Swarovski crystal collars, woven collars, and
  • Faux pearl collars … in general they fall into the categories of fashion, leather, nylon, and training

Dog Collar Considerations …

When you purchase a collar for your small dog there are two critical factors to follow, outside of your individual taste:

  • safety
  • comfort

Some circles of society might like to add fashion to the list, but fashion is not a required factor for the right collar for your small dog. Although you will find that one of the delights of small dog collars is the wide assortment of charming and glamorous collars to keep your little dog the talk of the neighborhood.

How do you figure out if the collar you are considering is safe for your small dog?

The material should be strong enough to withstand your dog’s energetic pulls.

Any adornments should not be situated to pose a hazard to your little dog in the event your pet’s head hits against its chest.

All rivet ends on the inside panel of your dog’s collar should be smooth and without sharp edges.

When fastened, the buckle’s tongue should be long enough so there is no chance it will slip out of the frame upon sudden force from your puppy or adult small dog.

For your dog’s safety, the collar should be neither too snug nor too loose around your small dog’s neck.

Method for determining proper collar fit:

  • Fasten the collar around your little dog so it is snug, but a little loose.
  • Test if you can fit two fingers between your small dog’s neck and collar. Use the 2-finger rule to determine if you have the proper fit for your canine.
  • If you cannot get your 2 fingers between the collar and your small dog, the fit is too tight and can restrict the breathing of your small dog, provoke coughing, or interfere with swallowing.
  • If the slip of your dog’s collar fails to pass through the buckle’s keeper, even if it meets the 2-finger rule, that collar is not properly secured and is too small for your little dog.
  • Check to be certain the collar is not too loose so it can slip over your dog’s head; if you can fit more than 2 fingers then it is too loose.

A loose collar poses another risk for your little pet: every year pets die from accidental hanging from loose collars snagging on objects. As your small pet’s caretaker and human parent, you need to safeguard your darling against any potential dangers and stay clear of any unsafe collars.

Give Dog Treats Wisely


Dogs love dog treats for the same reasons as humans like certain things like candy and chocolate as treats. An occasional treat does not harm your dog, but as with overdoing human treats, an excess of dog treats can make your dog both unfit and unwell.

As you will probably know, a dog will readily eat as much food as possible, if it gets given a chance. So you can imagine how easy it is to give your dog too many dog treats.

From a training and obedience point of view, the idea of a dog treat is as a reward. The dog learns quickly that if it does something you are pleased with, it will be given a reward, but if you give a dog treats all the time, then the treats have little or no meaning.

Before giving your dog a treat, take a look at the ingredients on the packet, particularly the number of calories the treat contains. Ideally, you should try to reduce the calories you give your dog for its main meal to compensate for the number of calories in the dog treat. An excess of unused calories will eventually turn to fat and your dog will become overweight and unfit.

There are hundreds of different dog treats on the market, but in terms of their overall consistency, you tend to find there are three main types; hard crunchy treats, soft chewy treats, and a combination of both. Dogs love treats because they are effectively over-flavored; for example, they can be very sweet or very salty. Hard crunchy treats are good for your dog’s teeth; indeed there are many treats on the market that are made specifically to clean teeth. Soft chewy treats can be used to hide a tablet or other medicine that your dog may not eat on its own, but do remember that soft chewy treats are likely to have high sugar content, so don’t give it too many.

You probably are also well aware that your dog is perfectly happy to enjoy human food and will look upon it as a real treat. Human food should only be given to your dog as a treat and then sparingly. Many types of human food are not good for your dog and indeed a lot of human food does not contain the right minerals and nutritional ingredients, so while your dog will readily eat it, the food may not be doing your dog any good it could be doing it harm. Try to avoid giving your dog human treats that contain sugar and avoid grapes and raisins if you can.

Finally, always remember, if you intend to give your dog chocolate as a treat, only ever give it chocolate made specifically for dogs.

Never give your dog human-type chocolate as it contains an ingredient that is poisonous to dogs, but your dog does not know this and will willingly eat it.

Another great alternative to giving treats that they eat is to replace them with treats that they chew. A good chew toy or a solid long-lasting antler or bone will give your pet a lot of enjoyment.


How To Select The Right Bed For Your Small Dog

Pretty pug sleeps on his lounger. Folded feet.

There are eight important items you must consider when purchasing a bed for your dog:

  1. Does it provide proper support? …

Your small dog obtains the same benefits as you from a bed that offers proper support; his skeletal system maintains a proper alignment. A bed that sags or is lumpy is not supportive, putting your little dog at risk for neck and back problems.

It is as unhealthy for your small dog to have his neck up at an angle on a plush bed that does not allow him to lay his head down, as it would be for you to spend the night with your head at an 80-degree angle all night long—talk about a neck crick! You should put the same care of getting a supportive bed for your canine best friend, as you would for yourself.

Intermittent lying on an overstuffed, beanbag-type bed, will not have any long-term problems for your pet, as long as it is restricted to short periods during your pet’s waking hours. However, unsupportive, body-hugging beds as these should not be his regular bed, due to the unhealthy angles your dog’s neck is subjected to.

  1. Does the dog bed shield your pet from the hard floor?

In the wild, canines slept in beds of leaves or soft dirt, and likewise, your little dog’s body was not meant to lie on concrete or tile flooring 24-hours a day. It is important you give your pet a bed that allows him to respite from unyielding hard flooring for the sake of your pet’s joints over the years, and to protect him from developing unsightly pressure calluses on his body.

  1. Is the material right for the surrounding temperature?

Lambswool is practical for cold climates, but when summer arrives, you should have a bed with a cooler material, such as canvas to prevent your pet from overheating.

  1. Can it be easily cleaned on a regular basis?

Some dog beds are too difficult to strip and wash. A pillowcase can remedy that. If the cover of your dog’s bed cannot be removed, delegate two pillowcases or sheets as the covering. The area surrounding your dog’s bed and cuddle beds can be a breeding place for fleas and require routine washing to rid yourself of flea eggs.

  1. Can your dog stretch out comfortably, if he wants, and shift positions?

For your pet’s health, you should not put him in a bed where he cannot stretch out his full body length on a level surface and is restricted to only a curled position. If the bed is a cuddler or bolster, it should be large enough so when he does lie down in a regular full position, the sides of the bed do not obstruct his breathing.

Do not take for granted your small dog will adjust himself to a healthier sleeping position. You need to shield your pet “child” from any potential risks, such as your pet’s nose jammed into the side of a bed due to constricted space, clearly preventing your pet from getting the proper oxygen he needs.

While some dogs may choose to sleep curled up, you need to provide your small dog with a large enough bed that allows your pet to shift positions as needed, and not restrict him to a single forced position.

  1. Does it have an odor your dog would accept?

Cedar odor is touted as repelling fleas, but some dogs are also repelled by the strong odor. Remember, your little companion has olfactory senses many times heightened to yours: Would you want to sleep on a bed that reeked of a strong cedar scent? Dogs do not normally bed in areas with strong odors, and a cedar bed is best used only as a temporary resting spot, and not as your pet’s nighttime bed.

  1. Are the sides of the dog bed too tall for your little dog to provoke separation anxiety in your dog?

Another important point to consider when purchasing a bed for your small dog is that while dogs like a sense of security, your small dog is a pack animal and will experience distress when he cannot view his surroundings or his human ‘parent’ because his bedroom walls are too tall.

  1. Is the dog bed suitable for your little dog’s height?

A bed that requires your small dog to jump to get into is too high. You do not want a bed that could subject your pet to injuries, getting in or out of it. At any time a jump could lead to a herniated disc. And a bed that requires your dog to jump to get on it could be a bed your dog falls from during the night. Dogs, like children, have been known to fall out of unprotected beds and suffer injury.